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Claire Dewine, The Woodlands

Photo by VYPE Media

Being the setter at The Woodlands is the equivalent of being the starting running back for Katy in football. It's one of the most coveted positions in all of high school sports in the state of Texas.

Here’s the lineage of former Highlanders hard-court quarterbacks. Courtney Eckenrode (2 State Titles and played at Missouri), passed the baton to Sophie Walls (played at Penn State), who passed the torch to Clara Brower (Georgia). That’s some great company.

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Recently, Daniel Perez won the VYPE ATX Public School Preseason Defensive Linemen of the Year Fan Poll. Going into his senior year, Perez looks to leave a lasting legacy at Canyon. VYPE was given the opportunity to catch up with Daniel as he heads into his senior year that includes a new district.

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