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Photo provided by Finley Bizjack

In the world of high school sports, you will occasionally come across an athlete who checks all the boxes of a coach's dream: attentive, able to adapt, steps up, is a great leader, high IQ for the game, and the list can go on and on forever. Even more rare than that, though, you find an athlete who checks all those boxes for coaches, fans, and college recruiters all while being compared to the athletes who have become legends in their sports at the professional level. At Byron Nelson, senior guard Finley Bizjack stands out as one of the greats. Already being compared to the likes of NBA legend "Pistol" Pete Maravich, Bizjack is wrapping up his high school career while putting up incredible numbers and breaking records along the way. VYPE DFW had the opportunity to catch up with Bizjack in an exclusive interview regarding his time with the Bobcats' basketball program.

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