VYPE is a multimedia sports brand based in Houston, Texas that is dedicated to providing original high school and youth sports content across multiple media platforms. Through our nationwide media network, VYPE provides in-depth coverage and real-time content, both in local communities and on a national platform. Our professional team of independent publishers, reporters, writers and affiliates work together to create a hyperactive sphere of high school and youth sports coverage.


As an organization, VYPE is committed to capturing the high school sports experience in its purest form.
VYPE celebrates student-athlete accomplishments while providing useful and essential information to parents, coaches, athletes, families, students, fans and the supporting community.



VYPE is a platform for brands to build relationships with communities in a hyper local manner. VYPE is the trusted high school sports media network. In local and national communities, VYPE is a part of the conversation, which makes our advertisers part of the conversation. With VYPE you get access to a target audience through sponsorship, editorial and experiential marketing, surveys, seminars, and events. Brands have an unparalleled opportunity to illustrate their expertise to our unique and passionate demographic of high school and youth sports enthusiasts.

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Here at VYPE, it is our mission to provide electrifying content that engages hyper-local communities. We want to change the face of local sports news by providing entrepreneurial individuals a platform to create their own brand while helping us grow ours. We believe the status quo in sports media is hurting sports and want to change it by reporting on the purest form of athletic competition: high school sports.
Thank you for taking the time to engage with us. We hope this motivates you to join our cause and help us re-engage the passionate fans out there that live to cheer in the bleachers across high schools everywhere.

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